Like the SalmonTrain, rivers run through our towns, our communities, our lives. Our mural in motion, a SkyTrain car wrapped in a salmon mural, was conceived by Stream of Dreams Murals Society (SDMS) and developed and launched in partnership with the Rivershed Society of BC (RSBC) as an initiative of Project Rivershed. The SalmonTrain reminds us that the choices we make every day can help save salmon in our local streams.

The SalmonTrain and many other Brunette Rivershed Demonstration Project actions can be viewed on our see-it site.

What is a Rivershed?

A rivershed is an area of land bordered by high elevation points that drains through a system of streams, lakes, bogs and other water courses into a river. The SkyTrain Millenium Line runs through the Brunette Rivershed (pdf), located primarily in Burnaby, but also in parts of Vancouver, Coquitlam, New Westminster and Port Moody. Over three million people now live in BC’s riversheds, roughly 200,000 in the Brunnette.

Photo and Press Gallery

The SalmonTrain exterior is swimming with colourful Stream of Dreams “dreamfish”. Inside there is a floor mural and ceiling posters. Check out our photo gallery and read more.


Photo Gallery
Press Release (pdf)

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The SalmonTrain ended its run in December, 2007

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